Business coaching for companies and private individuals

Your topics

  • Preparation and support for professional changes (e.g. development into a manager)
  • Conflicts in the team
  • Reflection of the leadership style
  • Improvement of personal communication skills (especially in feedback discussions and critical conversations)
  • Work-Life-Balance with working parents
  • Stress management
  • Identifying and changing blind spots in business
  • Job dissatisfaction

Your benefit

Every company is only as good as the employees who fill it with life, motivation, personality, competence and enthusiasm. In contrast to the well-known seminar events, in business coaching I deal with the individual topics that you bring along and move. We tackle the topic directly, with the concrete goal of changing your concerns in the desired direction. You profit concretely from the awareness of your topics and the sustainable strength in implementing the goal. This releases motivation and energy for the job activity, so that you feel lasting strength and joy and radiate self-confidence.