Business Coaching | Carreer Consulting

I support companies and people as a business coach,
so that they experience more orientation, satisfaction and growth.

More clarity & orientation in business?

Promote growth & development?

Overcome professional challenges?

Are you looking for a business coach who offers individual coaching for specialists and executives to improve cooperation and structure in the company?

You need a career consultant who brings more clarity and orientation to your professional reorientation and/or change of direction? And who, at best, also offers application coaching so that the application documents fit you and the demands of the company?

Business Coaching

Together we work out new possibilities and solutions so that you can leave your old issues behind. I ask questions – respectfully and at eye level – and challenge you to look at your issues from a different perspective.

Carreer Consulting

On the way to a professional change I accompany you in individual work to recognize your competencies, interests and skills. With new clarity and order I support you to find more meaning in your work, to initiate changes and motivate you in the implementation.

Invest in your employees so that they are more motivated and perform better, thus contributing to your company’s success – or invest in your own career. Striving for professional fulfillment and improvement has a positive impact on the company, your own satisfaction or your individual employees. I support companies, teams and individuals through workshops, trainings and coaching to achieve the increasing demands in the professional environment. My coaching approach is:

  • individually tailored to your needs & topics
  • guaranteed esoteric-free, but practically applicable
  • sustainable & effective through measurable goals



humorous & light



on eye level

Procedure of cooperation


First conversation

In a 30-minutes conversation we will see if a cooperation is right for you. We talk about your situation and possible solutions.


Based on our discussion, you will receive an individual offer from me. The cooperation can begin.


I accompany you and your team from your current challenge on an individual way to a suitable solution.

Achieve the goal!

Once the desired development has been achieved, we hold a final discussion together and explore possible next steps.

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